We help individuals,
teams, and organizations
create massive positive impact in business and society.


Immerse your teams in active, intense, collaborative experiences to see, understand, and solve the important challenges vital to your business.


Connect your customers, employees, and partners to your business more deeply by involving them in activities that are rewarding, relevant, and meaningful.


Equip your teams with sharp, evidence-based techniques to become better problem solvers, design thinkers, creative collaborators, and mindful leaders.

The Wujec Group delivers transformational change and high impact outcomes through consulting, engagement tools, and custom training.


We bring the right teams together
to build models of your world as it really is
and help rebuild your world as it could be.

New Value

Immerse your teams in active, intense, collaborative experiences to see, understand, and solve the important challenges vital to your business.

Clarity, Engagement
and Alignment

Real change happens through intense experiences. We immerse your teams in visually rich environments to help them become clear about what’s changing and align on what needs to get done.

High Impact

Today’s business challenges are wicked. They are complex, fluid, biased, and often emotionally charged. We help you tame these critical strategic challenges by visualizing the big picture while diving into details.


Engagement Tools

We design physical objects, digital experiences,
and physical spaces that inform, inspire, and immerse.
Multiply what your brand and organization offers.

Engage Employees

Involved teams are more productive, creative, supportive, and collaborative. Our tools help them stay longer, work harder, have more fun, and bring themselves more fully to their work.

Engage Customers

Improve your customers’ experiences at each touchpoint. Make their involvement simpler, more reassuring, surprising, fun, thought-provoking, delightful, or just easier to navigate. Ultimately, engaged customers drive your business.

Engage Partners

Partner tools create win-win collaborations clarifying how to build shared products and services in equitable and transparent ways.



Lean, agile, and design thinking techniques are now fundamental to
modern business. We extend and broaden the underlying principles
to help organizations be more nimble.

Good Design is 
Good Business

Design brings together customer centricity, real-world insight, rapid prototyping With hands-on experiences, our workshops help your teams lean and apply the fundamental skills.

Trained Skills

Custom guidebooks, card decks, digital downloads, and videos provide off-line references for your team. 


Nothing changes culture faster than a combination of satisfied customers, creatively engaged employees, and positive business results.


For over two decades we have served
organizations in the manufacturing, construction,
financial services, healthcare, technology, luxury,
and pharmaceutical industries.


The Wujec Group

We are nimble, laser focused, tech savvy, and deeply collaborative.
We scale quickly, apply unique talent, and relentlessly pursue positive impact.

Technology Transformation

The Wujec Group has worked with a wide range of organizations in many different industries, and in different parts of the world. We bring perspective, scope, and insight.

Lean and Independant

We believe that if you can’t solve a problem fast, the problem will morph. Our independence means we serve you fully, free from the overhead large consulting corporations. With little overhead and pressure to support a massive organization. We get in and out quickly.

Deep Technology Understanding

Tom Wujec is author of several books on design, innovation, and emerging technologies. As an Autodesk Fellow and Silicon Valley Insider, Tom designed several award-winning technologies and worked with leading innovators for decades.

Systems Based Approach

The systems level approach of Wicked Problem Solving organizes work into interconnected patterns of nodes and links, taming complexity, change, bias, charge, and opacity.